Frequently asked Questions

Which plant suits me?
We can intuitively select a Naturaplant for someone, for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Before planting a garden, we can intuitively determine certain plants for a man, others for a woman, children and grandchildren, different ones for parents and grandparents. Different qualities of Naturaplants will start co-operating then in harmony for all.

What is the best place to put a plant?
Most Naturaplants are garden plants, consequently also for beautiful flowers and colours in the garden. In case there are complaints, we still recommend to put them near the bed for a while for full helpfulness. Here you are completely at rest so that the beneficial effect is optimum and long lasting. Thereafter, the plants can just be planted in the garden.

However, if there is nothing wrong with me, do I need a Naturaplant then?
Nothing needs to be wrong with you, if you want to benefit from the healing activity of plants. Naturaplants help immensely in making a connection with earth and nature. We are looking at it like this: from crying to laughing is one step, however, from laughing to roar of laughter is also a step. Things can only get better.

The plant is deteriorating in quality! What should I do?
If a plant is in the bedroom, it takes an additional lot of energy for that plant. It can literally and figuratively work itself to death for the person for whom it meant. In this case it is good to let the plant rest for a while by putting the plant outside in a convenient place. When it has fully regained its strength, you can put it near the bedside again, if necessary.

Can the plant be bad for me?
No, sometimes it can give a reaction, just like homeopathy does. The reaction has to do with the fact that the plant frees a lot from your body. Ultimately, it is always beneficial to man. Especially the earthing effect is very good for everyone.

Can a similar plant species from a different nursery be selected as Naturapant too?
No, if we buy plants from a different nursery, it takes a year before they have been changed inside to the effect that they can serve as Naturaplants and bear specific energy.

If you do not believe this, does a Naturaplant still work?
Yes, its activity has nothing to do with “believing in it”. It is true that people who do not believe in it, will observe any changes less easily or they blame the cause for them to something else. Sometimes the person itself does not observe any changes at all, however, people in the neighbourhood do. This is caused by the activity of the plant proceeding in a soft and natural way.

I have got three different Natura Plants. Should they always stand together?
If the plants in question have been brought together owing to complaints, keep them together for a certain period of time. After that they may be put in different places in the garden or on the terrace. Keeping several Naturaplants is always good. Pulling a cart with more people is easier than doing it alone. An number of 11 Naturaplants in a garden or more is optimum.

Can a plant be selected for a whole family?
No, Naturaplants are meant for someone personal, because every person has his own energetic field. If two persons have a joined bedroom and each of them has his own Natura Plant, it is absolutely no problem to put the plants in the same room. Each of them will continue to keep their own activity.

How should I water a plant?
This is difficult to advise, because this depends on the type of plant and the place where it stands. In a warm and dry room the plant needs more water than in a cool place. We also notice that the same plant species needs a different amount of water for two persons. A tip for watering is feeling the weight of the plant.

Effect on clearness of pond water!
Different experiences have been gained in this respect. In this case the plant is selected for the one who owns the garden. Reactions on the subject can be found under the section experiences, initials J.P. at M. and H. van B.

Can pets benefit by Nature Plants too?
Yes, we have selected a couple of times a Naturaplant for a dog. Animals have a living body too. See section experiences below A.v.N at A.

Why at least 11 Naturaplants?         
Naturaplants  are mainly working on a living body which controls the processes of life in a body. These processes of life are active in the field of digestion, blood circulation and memory. A number of Naturaplants from 11 species in a garden is optimum, because a living body is composed of 11 parts. If there are at least 11 Naturaplants in a garden for the various residents, the plants will exchange their qualities. The life processes in the body will be   controlled better again.